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Vertical Reinforced Milling Machine

Bed use if the overall framework of closed-bed structure, good stability, good rigidity.

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Product Description

Vigorously milling characteristics:

Bed use of the overall framework of the closed-bed structure, good stability, good rigidity.

Audio guide ultra quenching hardness of HRC52, all castings used to deal with the second tempering, the stability of rail width, to maintain the accuracy of good wear. The use of automatic machine tool lubrication system moving parts well lubricated.

Saddle used side-bed combined with plastic paste technology, automatic lubrication system to ensure good lubricating moving parts, flexible movement.

Work surface hardening process to adopt, in the hardess of HRC42 above, wear resistance, and to maintain good accuracy.

Machine work trip, processing and wide Machine-wide protection, an effective tool to ensure a good run.

Pure axis grinding gears turning, bearing torque imports, a small noise and high accurancy.

Spindle using pneumatic lock-knife bodies, tool changing fast, labor-intensive small and efficient. 3-axis machine tool with Digital Display for precise positioning.

Work surface can withstand the heave cutting. Strong performance of cutting tools and finishing performance as excellent.