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Adamite Rolls

The Adamite rolls are widely used in the roughing stands of various rolling mills.

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Product Description

According to different requirments the carbide contents of the adamite rolls varies. When wear resistance is required, the content of the carbide must be higher; but when the strength is the main factor, it is necessary to select the lower content of the carbide. The heat treatment is nomalized and tempered. A soft anneal will transform the pearlite to nodularfrom when the hardness is lower; while the strength relief anneal which has no influence on the structure must be adopted when higher. The lower hardness rolls have better strength properties and better resistance to fire cracking.

In most case, we make this type of roll by static cast. Its microstructure consists of little graphite, pearlite and fine carbide. With proper heat treatment, we can make this roll have a wear resistance close to iron rolls as well as strength& toughness close to steel rolls. Meanwhile, the low hardness drop from the body makes it workable with deep groove in the billiet mills, universal mills and heavy section mills.

Sometimes , when it works as back-up rolls on a narrow strip mills, we make it by centrifugal cast double poured with a core of nodular iron.