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High Speed Steel Roll

Hss rolls are mainly used as the work rolls in the hot trip mills and the finishing stands of bar mills; rings of the universal section mills and finishing stands of the high speed bar mills.

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Описание продукта

High sepped steel rolls, produced by horizontal centrifugal casting process, are all compound rolls with high speed steel as the work layer and nodular iron as the core. The material of HSS contains plenty of alloyed elements such as Mo, V, W, Cr etc. The high hardened eutectic carbides& second carbides, such as MC, M2C, M6C evenly distributed intempered  martensitic matrix, make the wear and thermal cracking reistance very excellent. Besides, the resistance of surface roughing is also good. In condition of hot rolling, the contact points between steel trip and the work rolls can form a thin adherent oxide film on the roll surface, which plays a good role in the wear features and the quality of the strip surface.

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